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Approximation - Approximation album download
Approximation - Approximation album download
Performer: Approximation
Title: Approximation
Released: 2002
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Rating: 4.4/5
FLAC size: 1585 mb | MP3 size: 1250 mb | WMA size: 1656 mb
Genre: Rock

An approximation is anything that is similar but not exactly equal to something else. The word approximation is derived from Latin approximatus, from proximus meaning very near and the prefix ap- (ad- before p) meaning to. Words like approximate, approximately and approximation are used especially in technical or scientific contexts. In everyday English, words such as roughly or around are used with a similar meaning. It is often found abbreviated as approx.

Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Vertex Cover. CS 511. Iowa State University. CS 511 (Iowa State University). Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Vertex Cover November 7, 2010 1, 14. Weighted Vertex Cover: Problem Denition. A 2-approximation algorithm for WVC does not provide any sort of approximation guarantee for maximum-weight independent set. Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Vertex Cover November 7, 2010 3, 14. Weighted Vertex Cover: IP Formulation.

Define approximation. approximation synonyms, approximation pronunciation, approximation translation, English dictionary definition of approximation. n. 1. The act, process, or result of approximating. 2. Mathematics An inexact result adequate for a given purpose. approximation - an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth; "an estimate of what it would cost"; "a rough idea how long it would take". estimate, estimation, idea.

Another approximation for pi is 355/113. I like this approximation because it’s easy to remember: take the sequence 113355, split it in the middle, and make it into a fraction. It’s accurate to six decimal places, which is sufficient for most practical applications. The approximations 22/7 and 355/113 are part of the sequence of approximations coming from the continued fraction approximation for pi. So to come up with rational approximations for e, I turned to its continued fraction representation.

A table of slightly wrong equations and identities useful for approximations and or trolling teachers. All units are SI MKS unless otherwise noted

of a function by functions from a fixed set. The quantity. where is the error of approximation (see Approximation of functions, measure of). The concept of a best approximation is meaningful in an arbitrary metric space when is defined by the distance between and ; in this case is the distance from to the set. If is a normed linear space, then for a fixed the best approximation. may be regarded as a functional defined on (the functional of best approximation).

As nouns the difference between approximation and proximation. is that approximation is the act, process or result of approximating while proximation is proximity. Other Comparisons: What's the difference? Approximation vs Underapproximation. Overapproximation vs Underapproximation. Approximation vs Overapproximation. Underapproximation vs Underapproximate. Overapproximation vs Overapproximate.


A1 Duanne St.
A2 Contigo
A3 Bereavement
A4 Celebasy
A5 To Explain
A6 Pills
A7 Bled Through
B1 I Don't Know And I Don't Care
B2 Monster Truck
B3 Instramissalex
B4 Exact Time
B5 Resolution
B6 Celluloid
B7 Birthday Beat


  • Artwork By [Design] – Mario Dean Pachano
  • Bass, Vocals – Kira*
  • Drums, Vocals [Word] – Don McCurdy*
  • Guitar, Vocals [Throat] – Erich Martini
  • Photography – Alexia C. Pilat
  • Producer – Alex Newport


Recorded and Mixed at Doug Messengers Studio in North Hollywood on 8/30-9/3/2001