» » Domenico Scarlatti - Scott Ross - Domenico Scarlatti L'Œuvre Pour Clavier / Complete Keyboard Works
Domenico Scarlatti - Scott Ross - Domenico Scarlatti L'Œuvre Pour Clavier / Complete Keyboard Works album download
Domenico Scarlatti - Scott Ross  - Domenico Scarlatti L'Œuvre Pour Clavier / Complete Keyboard Works album download
Performer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: Domenico Scarlatti L'Œuvre Pour Clavier / Complete Keyboard Works
Released: 1988
Style: Baroque, Classical
Rating: 4.3/5
FLAC size: 1200 mb | MP3 size: 1463 mb | WMA size: 1744 mb
Genre: Classical

Domenico Scarlatti, Scott Ross (4) - Essercizi Per Gravicembalo - Intégrale Des Trente Sonates Pour Clavecin (1738-1739) ‎(2xLP + Box). Domenico Scarlatti, Scott Ross (4) - Domenico Scarlatti L'Œuvre Pour Clavier, Complete Keyboard Works. Hi, In Scott's discography you forget a very rare recording of the well tempered clavier. The label is "Disques Pélleas" probably canadian. 信 1 返信を見る 通知を希望する Helpful.

Ifigenia in Tauri (Scarlatti, Domenico). K. Keyboard Sonata in D minor, . eest (Scarlatti, Domenico). (Scarlatti, Domenico). Keyboard Sonata in G major, . Keyboard Sonata in A minor, . Keyboard Sonata in G minor, . Keyboard Sonata in F major, . Complete Keyboard Works in Facsimile (Scarlatti, Domenico). Composizioni per pianoforte (Scarlatti, Domenico).

Scott Ross (March 1, 1951 – June 13, 1989) was a United States-born harpsichordist who lived in France and Canada for many years. His recordings include the first complete recording by a single performer of the 555 harpsichord sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti. Scott Stonebreaker Ross was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was nearly crippled by a severe scoliosis that kept him in a corset for much of his early life.

Accompanied by: Catalogue analytique de l'oeuvre pour clavier de Domenico Scarlatti : guide de l'intégrale enregistrée par Scott Ross Analytical catalogue of Domenico Scarlatti's keyboard works : guide to the complete recording by Scott Ross, Alain de Chambure. - 203 p. : ill. ; 16 x 23 cm. "Portrait/Profile Scott Ross" (14 p. : il. inserted in accompanying catalogue.

Scott Ross's award-winning complete Scarlatti keyboard sonatas, first released on Erato in 1988, stand as a landmark in recording history. This re-release marks 25 years since Ross's death in June 1989 at age 38. In the 1980s, Ross became the first musician to record the complete keyboard sonatas-555 in all-of Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). Born in Pittsburgh, Ross moved with his mother to France in his early teens and attended the conservatories of Nice and Paris. After a 12-year stint as an academic in Quebec, he returned to France permanently in 1985 and made his home there.

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti. Download Booklet (PDF, . MB). A landmark in recording history, Scott Ross’s award-winning survey of all Scarlatti’s 555 keyboard sonatas stands as a fitting monument to the US-born, French-trained harpsichordist, who died in 1989, aged just 38. As the New York Times observed, Ross possesses all the necessary virtuoso flair and stylish sensitivity to bring this exciting music bounding to life,'' while BBC Music Magazine described the project as a heroic achievement.

Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti (26 October 1685 – 23 July 1757) was an Italian composer who spent much of his life in the service of the Portuguese and Spanish royal families. He is classified primarily as a Baroque composer chronologically, although his music was influential in the development of the Classical style and he was one of the few Baroque composers to transition into the classical period. L'Art de Scott Ross released: 1994. Avison-Scarlatti: 12 Concerti Grossi (Academy of St., feat. conductor: Neville Marriner) released: 1994. Sonates pour piano solo released: 1994. The Classical Collection 51: Scarlatti: Instrumental Masterpieces released: 1994. Essential Scarlatti released: 1994. John Browning Performs Scarlatti: 30 Keyboard Sonatas released: 1994. Complete Keyboard Works released: 1992. Sonaten released: 1992. Sonaten released: 1991.


Sonata: K.1, D Minor 2:47
Sonata: K.2, G Major 2:20
Sonata: K.3, A Minor 2:33
Sonata: K.4, G Minor 3:17
Sonata: K.5, D Minor 2:59
Sonata: K.6, F Major 3:05
Sonata: K.7, A Minor 4:29
Sonata: K.8, G Minor 2:40
Sonata: K.9, D Minor 3:04
Sonata: K.10, D Minor 2:34
Sonata: K.11, C Minor 2:25
Sonata: K.12, G Minor 3:35
Sonata: K.13, G Major 4:33
Sonata: K.14, G Major 3:22
Sonata: K.15, G Minor 3:13
Sonata: K.16, B Flat Major 4:38
Sonata: K.17, F Major 3:05
Sonata: K.18, D Minor 3:47
Sonata: K.19, F Minor 4:09
Sonata: K.20, E Major 3:19
Sonata: K.21, D Major 5:17
Sonata: K.22, C Minor 3:07
Sonata: K.23, D Major 5:21
Sonata: K.24, A Major 5:17
Sonata: K.25, F Sharp Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.26, A Major 4:24
Sonata: K.27, B Minor 4:16
Sonata: K.28, E Major 3:46
Sonata: K.29, D Major 6:12
Sonata: K.30, G Minor 4:10
Sonata: K.31, G Minor 4:22
Sonata: K.32, D Minor 1:30
Sonata: K.33, D Major 3:52
Sonata: K.34, D Minor 1:37
Sonata: K.35, G Minor 3:05
Sonata: K.36, A Minor 2:52
Sonata: K.37, C Minor 4:00
Sonata: K.38, F Major 2:27
Sonata: K.39, A Major 3:26
Sonata: K.40, C Minor 1:18
Sonata: K.41, D Minor 4:51
Sonata: K.42, B Flat Major 1:16
Sonata: K.43, G Minor 3:02
Sonata: K.44, F Major 5:21
Sonata: K.45, D Major 3:34
Sonata: K.46, E Major 5:14
Sonata: K.47, B Flat Major 5:10
Sonata: K.48, C Minor 4:05
Sonata: K.49, C Major 5:20
Sonata: K.50, F Minor 5:05
Sonata: K.51, E Flat Major 3:40
Sonata: K.52, D Minor 5:30
Sonata: K.53, D Major 3:26
Sonata: K.54, A Minor 4:16
Sonata: K.55, G Major 3:42
Sonata: K.56, C Minor 4:41
Sonata: K.57, B Flat Major 5:29
Sonata: K.58, C Minor 3:15
Sonata: K.59, F Major 2:00
Sonata: K.60, G Minor 1:50
Sonata: K.61, A Minor 3:17
Sonata: K.62, A Major 3:05
Sonata: K.63, G Major 2:07
Sonata: K.64, D Minor 1:45
Sonata: K.65, A Major 2:12
Sonata: K.66, B Flat Major 3:03
Sonata: K.67, F Sharp Minor 1:47
Sonata: K.68, E Flat Major 3:54
Sonata: K.69, F Minor 3:15
Sonata: K.70, B Flat Major 2:28
Sonata: K.71, G Major 2:12
Sonata: K.72, C Major 2:46
Sonata: K.73, C Minor/Major/Minor 4:36
Sonata: K.74, A Major 1:28
Sonata: K.75, G Major 2:06
Sonata: K.76, G Minor 2:19
Sonata: K.77, D Minor 3:58
Sonata: K.78, F Major 2:04
Sonata: K.79, G Major 2:46
Sonata: K.80, G Major 1:24
Sonata: K.82, F Major 2:35
Sonata: K.83, A Major 4:16
Sonata: K.84, C Minor 3:15
Sonata: K.85, F Major 1:43
Sonata: K.86, C Major 4:17
Sonata: K.87, B Minor 4:14
Sonata: K.92, D Minor 2:57
Sonata: K.93, G Minor 3:00
Sonata: K.94, F Major 1:23
Sonata: K.95, C Major 1:16
Sonata: K.96, D Minor 5:08
Sonata: K.97, G Minor 4:25
Sonata: K.98, E Minor 2:59
Sonata: K.99, C Minor 4:57
Sonata: K.100, C Major 2:52
Sonata: K.101, A Major 4:20
Sonata: K.102, G Minor 3:05
Sonata: K.103, G Major 3:30
Sonata: K.104, G Major 6:39
Sonata: K.105, G Major 5:17
Sonata: K.106, F Major 2:35
Sonata: K.107, F Major 4:51
Sonata: K.108, G Minor 3:30
Sonata: K.109, A Minor 4:39
Sonata: K.110, A Minor 4:05
Sonata: K.111, G Minor 2:30
Sonata: K.112, B Flat Major 4:18
Sonata: K.113, A Major 4:11
Sonata: K.114, A Major 5:23
Sonata: K.115, C Minor 4:49
Sonata: K.116, C Minor 4:06
Sonata: K.117, C Major 4:51
Sonata: K.118, D Major 4:45
Sonata: K.119, D Minor 5:48
Sonata: K.120, D Minor 3:20
Sonata: K.121, G Minor 5:04
Sonata: K.122, D Major 4:58
Sonata: K.123, E Flat Major 4:24
Sonata: K.124, G Major 4:10
Sonata: K.125, G Major 3:09
Sonata: K.126, C Minor 5:03
Sonata: K.127, A Flat Major 5:54
Sonata: K.128, B Flat Minor 4:13
Sonata: K.129, C Minor 3:50
Sonata: K.130, A Flat Major 2:41
Sonata: K.131, B Flat Minor 3:56
Sonata: K.132, C Major 6:08
Sonata: K.133, C Major 3:39
Sonata: K.134, E Major 3:30
Sonata: K.135, E Major 4:49
Sonata: K.136, E Major 4:26
Sonata: K.137, D Major 3:57
Sonata: K.138, D Minor 3:45
Sonata: K.139, C MInor 4:18
Sonata: K.140, D Major 3:44
Sonata: K.141, D Minor 4:40
Sonata: K.142, F Sharp Minor 3:44
Sonata: K.143, C Major 3:54
Sonata: K.144, G Minor 3:22
Sonata: K.145, D Major 4:46
Sonata: K.146, G Major 3:07
Sonata: K.147, E Minor 4:49
Sonata: K.148, A Minor 3:34
Sonata: K.149, A Minor 1:59
Sonata: K.150, F Major 3:13
Sonata: K.151, F Major 3:47
Sonata: K.152, G Major 2:36
Sonata: K.153, G Major 1:54
Sonata: K.154, B Flat Major 2:35
Sonata: K.155, B Flat Major 3:22
Sonata: K.156, C Major 2:40
Sonata: K.157, C Major 3:39
Sonata: K.158, C Minor 3:49
Sonata: K.159, C Major 2:23
Sonata: K.160, D Major 5:21
Sonata: K.161, D Major 3:39
Sonata: K.162, E Major 4:04
Sonata: K.163, E Major 2:16
Sonata: K.164, D Major 3:20
Sonata: K.165, C Major 3:08
Sonata: K.166, C Major 3:29
Sonata: K.167, F Major 4:03
Sonata: K.168, F Major 3:32
Sonata: K.169, G Major 5:04
Sonata: K.170, C Major 4:38
Sonata: K.171, G Major 2:37
Sonata: K.172, B Minor 3:50
Sonata: K.173, B Minor 3:50
Sonata: K.174, C Minor 4:21
Sonata: K.175, A Minor 4:02
Sonata: K.176, D Minor 4:46
Sonata: K.177, D Major 3:25
Sonata: K.178, D Major 1:55
Sonata: K.179, G Minor 2:51
Sonata: K.180, G Major 3:09
Sonata: K.181, A Major 4:23
Sonata: K.182, A Major 3:35
Sonata: K.183, F Minor 4:30
Sonata: K.184, F Minor 4:41
Sonata: K.185, F Minor 3:15
Sonata: K.186, F Minor 2:44
Sonata: K.187, F Minor 4:23
Sonata: K.188, A Minor 6:02
Sonata: K.189, B Flat Major 4:33
Sonata: K.190, B Flat Major 3:19
Sonata: K.191, D Minor 4:01
Sonata: K.192, E Flat Major 4:17
Sonata: K.193, E Flat Major 4:56
Sonata: K.194, F Major 5:27
Sonata: K.195, F Major 4:07
Sonata: K.196, G Minor 3:18
Sonata: K.197, B Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.198, E Minor 3:15
Sonata: K.199, C Major 4:12
Sonata: K.200, C Major 3:50
Sonata: K.201, G Major 4:20
Sonata: K.202, B Flat Major 5:04
Sonata: K.203, E Minor 4:31
Sonata: K.204a, F Minor 4:37
Sonata: K.204b, F Minor 4:07
Sonata: K.205, F Major 6:23
Sonata: K.206, E Major 5:36
Sonata: K.207, E Major 3:22
Sonata: K.208, A Major 3:57
Sonata: K.209, A Major 4:31
Sonata: K.210, G Major 2:27
Sonata: K.211, A Major 5:03
Sonata: K.212, A Major 4:06
Sonata: K.213, D Minor 5:46
Sonata: K.214, D Major 3:56
Sonata: K.215, E Major 5:43
Sonata: K.216, E Major 5:31
Sonata: K.217, A Minor 6:25
Sonata: K.218, A Minor 2:57
Sonata: K.219, A Major 3:24
Sonata: K.220, A Major 5:11
Sonata: K.221, A Major 4:38
Sonata: K.222, A Major 2:48
Sonata: K.223, D Major 4:20
Sonata: K.224, D Major 3:57
Sonata: K.225, C Major 5:22
Sonata: K.226, C Minor 4:08
Sonata: K.227, B Minor 4:57
Sonata: K.228, B Flat Major 3:52
Sonata: K.229, B Flat Major 3:32
Sonata: K.230, C Minor 4:07
Sonata: K.231, C Major 3:07
Sonata: K.232, E Minor 4:14
Sonata: K.233, E Minor 4:48
Sonata: K.234, G Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.235, G Major 4:37
Sonata: K.236, D Major 3:49
Sonata: K.237, D Major 3:23
Sonata: K.238, F Minor 3:44
Sonata: K.239, F Minor 3:32
Sonata: K.240, G Major 6:00
Sonata: K.241, G Major 1:50
Sonata: K.242, C Major 4:33
Sonata: K.243, C Major 3:54
Sonata: K.244, B Major 3:42
Sonata: K.245, B Major 3:43
Sonata: K.246, C Sharp Minor 3:14
Sonata: K.247, C Sharp Minor 4:14
Sonata: K.248, B Flat Major 4:52
Sonata: K.249, B Flat Major 5:24
Sonata: K.250, C Major 4:03
Sonata: K.251, C Major 3:20
Sonata: K.252, E Flat Major 3:56
Sonata: K.253, E Flat Major 3:07
Sonata: K.254, C Minor 4:36
Sonata: K.255, C Major 3:31
Sonata: K.256, F Major 5:55
Sonata: K.257, F Major 3:18
Sonata: K.258, D Major 5:15
Sonata: K.259, G Major 4:29
Sonata: K.260, G Major 5:41
Sonata: K.261, B Major 5:32
Sonata: K.262, B Major 4:30
Sonata: K.263, E Minor 4:43
Sonata: K.264, E Major 6:05
Sonata: K.265, A Minor 3:12
Sonata: K.266, B Flat Major 3:25
Sonata: K.267, B Flat Major 3:12
Sonata: K.268, A Major 3:24
Sonata: K.269, A Major 3:45
Sonata: K.270, C Major 3:47
Sonata: K.271, C Major 2:59
Sonata: K.272, B Flat Major 3:34
Sonata: K.273, B Flat Major 4:07
Sonata: K.274, F Major 3:16
Sonata: K.275, F Major 3:07
Sonata: K.276, F Major 2:59
Sonata: K.277, D Major 2:36
Sonata: K.278, D Major 2:27
Sonata: K.279, A Major 3:46
Sonata: K.280, A Major 2:55
Sonata: K.281, D Major 3:44
Sonata: K.282, D Major 3:25
Sonata: K.283, G Major 3:27
Sonata: K.284, G Major 2:28
Sonata: K.285, A Major 3:52
Sonata: K.286, A Major 2:38
Sonata: K.289, G Major 2:53
Sonata: K.290, G Major 3:37
Sonata: K.291, E Minor 2:51
Sonata: K.292, E Minor 3:10
Sonata: K.293, B Minor 3:33
Sonata: K.294, D Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.295, D Minor 3:39
Sonata: K.296, F Major 4:26
Sonata: K.297, F Major 4:13
Sonata: K.298, D Major 4:01
Sonata: K.299, D Major 3:07
Sonata: K.300, A Major 4:17
Sonata: K.301, A Major 4:21
Sonata: K.302, C Minor 4:53
Sonata: K.303, C Minor 3:47
Sonata: K.304, G Major 2:37
Sonata: K.305, G Major 3:44
Sonata: K.306, E Flat Major 3:56
Sonata: K.307, E Flat Major 3:05
Sonata: K.308, C Major 3:56
Sonata: K.309, C Major 3:21
Sonata: K.310, B Flat Major 4:02
Sonata: K.311, B Flat Major 3:43
Sonata: K.312, D Major 3:39
Sonata: K.313, D Major 3:48
Sonata: K.314, G Major 4:33
Sonata: K.315, G Minor 3:26
Sonata: K.316, F Major 3:56
Sonata: K.317, F Major 3:14
Sonata: K.318, F Sharp Major 3:31
Sonata: K.319, F Sharp Major 3:37
Sonata: K.320, A Major 3:03
Sonata: K.321, A Major 2:37
Sonata: K.322, A Major 2:55
Sonata: K.323, A Major 1:55
Sonata: K.324, G Major 2:09
Sonata: K.325, G Major 2:24
Sonata: K.326, C Major 2:45
Sonata: K.327, C Major 3:27
Sonata: K.329, C Major 3:38
Sonata: K.330, C Major 2:05
Sonata: K.331, B Flat Major 3:27
Sonata: K.332, B Flat Major 3:47
Sonata: K.333, D Major 2:56
Sonata: K.334, B Flat Major 2:40
Sonata: K.335, D Major 3:07
Sonata: K.336, D Major 2:57
Sonata: K.337, G Major 3:29
Sonata: K.338, G Major 3:54
Sonata: K.339, C Major 3:03
Sonata: K.340, C Major 3:47
Sonata: K.341, A Minor 2:16
Sonata: K.342, A Major 3:01
Sonata: K.343, A Major 3:29
Sonata: K.344, A Major 3:04
Sonata: K.345, D Major 4:23
Sonata: K.346, D Major 2:56
Sonata: K.347, G Minor 4:04
Sonata: K.348, G Major 2:45
Sonata: K.349, F Major 3:59
Sonata: K.350, F Major 2:45
Sonata: K.351, B Flat Major 3:21
Sonata: K.352, D Major 4:02
Sonata: K.353, D Major 2:45
Sonata: K.354, F Major 3:06
Sonata: K.355, F Major 3:03
Sonata: K.356, C Major 6:01
Sonata: K.357, C Major 4:46
Sonata: K.358, D Major 4:04
Sonata: K.359, D Major 3:26
Sonata: K.360, B Flat Major 4:00
Sonata: K.361, B Flat Major 2:57
Sonata: K.362, C Minor 2:40
Sonata: K.363, C Minor 2:56
Sonata: K.364, F Minor 3:24
Sonata: K.365, F Minor 3:24
Sonata: K.366, F Major 3:58
Sonata: K.367, F Major 2:54
Sonata: K.368, A Major 5:20
Sonata: K.369, A Major 4:41
Sonata: K.370, E Flat Major 3:31
Sonata: K.371, E Flat Major 3:17
Sonata: K.372, G Major 2:39
Sonata: K.373, G Minor 2:49
Sonata: K.374, G Major 3:02
Sonata: K.375, G Major 2:23
Sonata: K.376, B Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.377, B Minor 3:12
Sonata: K.378, F Major 3:46
Sonata: K.379, F Major 2:39
Sonata: K.380, E Major 4:05
Sonata: K.381, E Major 3:29
Sonata: K.382, A Minor 2:56
Sonata: K.383, A Minor 2:57
Sonata: K.384, C Major 3:03
Sonata: K.385, C Major 3:13
Sonata: K.386, F Minor 3:13
Sonata: K.387, F Minor 2:35
Sonata: K.388, D Major 4:10
Sonata: K.389, D Major 3:13
Sonata: K.390, G Major 4:18
Sonata: K.391, G Major 2:23
Sonata: K.392, B Flat Major 3:31
Sonata: K.393, B Flat Major 3:02
Sonata: K.394, E Minor 5:20
Sonata: K.395, E Major 3:41
Sonata: K.396, D Minor 3:48
Sonata: K.397, D Major 3:12
Sonata: K.398, C Major 3:15
Sonata: K.399, C Major 3:13
Sonata: K.400, D Major 2:10
Sonata: K.401, D Major 3:35
Sonata: K.402, E Minor 4:32
Sonata: K.403, E Major 3:46
Sonata: K.404, A Major 4:00
Sonata: K.405, A Major 3:15
Sonata: K.406, C Major 2:32
Sonata: K.407, C Major 2:51
Sonata: K.408, B Minor 2:55
Sonata: K.409, B Minor 3:00
Sonata: K.410, B Flat Major 3:13
Sonata: K.411, B Flat Major 2:12
Sonata: K.412, G Major 3:04
Sonata: K.413, G Major 2:03
Sonata: K.414, D Major 3:26
Sonata: K.415, D Major 2:24
Sonata: K.416, D Major 3:32
Sonata: K.417, D Minor 5:01
Sonata: K.418, F Major 3:09
Sonata: K.419, F Major 3:32
Sonata: K.420, C Major 3:52
Sonata: K.421, C Major 4:05
Sonata: K.422, C Major 3:58
Sonata: K.423, C Major 4:17
Sonata: K.424, G Major 3:27
Sonata: K.425, G Major 3:37
Sonata: K.426, G Minor 6:31
Sonata: K.427, G Major 2:29
Sonata: K.428, A Major 2:11
Sonata: K.429, A Major 3:49
Sonata: K.430, D Major 2:30
Sonata: K.431, G Major 0:46
Sonata: K.432, G Major 2:40
Sonata: K.433, G Major 5:23
Sonata: K.434, D Minor 3:34
Sonata: K.435, D Major 3:56
Sonata: K.436, D Major 2:53
Sonata: K.437, F Major 2:23
Sonata: K.438, F Major 3:43
Sonata: K.439, B Flat Major 4:07
Sonata: K.440, B Flat Major 2:26
Sonata: K.441, B Flat Major 3:25
Sonata: K.442, B Flat Major 3:00
Sonata: K.443, D Major 4:02
Sonata: K.444, D Minor 3:24
Sonata: K.445, F Major 3:33
Sonata: K.446, F Major 3:23
Sonata: K.447, F Sharp Minor 2:51
Sonata: K.448, F Sharp Minor 3:06
Sonata: K.449, G Major 3:24
Sonata: K.450, G Minor 3:03
Sonata: K.451, A Minor 2:24
Sonata: K.452, A Major 2:50
Sonata: K.453, A Major 2:18
Sonata: K.454, G Major 4:53
Sonata: K.455, G Major 3:42
Sonata: K.456, A Major 2:09
Sonata: K.457, A Major 3:32
Sonata: K.458, D Major 3:47
Sonata: K.459, D Minor 3:11
Sonata: K.460, C Major 4:58
Sonata: K.461, C Major 3:49
Sonata: K.462, F Minor 3:17
Sonata: K.463, F Minor 2:26
Sonata: K.464, C Major 1:20
Sonata: K.465, C Major 3:17
Sonata: K.466, F Minor 3:46
Sonata: K.467, F Minor 3:21
Sonata: K.468, F Major 3:03
Sonata: K.469, F Major 3:05
Sonata: K.470, G Major 3:10
Sonata: K.471, G Major 2:19
Sonata: K.472, B Flat Major 2:50
Sonata: K.473, B Flat Major 4:07
Sonata: K.474, E Flat Major 4:12
Sonata: K.475, E Flat Major 3:55
Sonata: K.476, G Minor 4:02
Sonata: K.477, G Major 3:56
Sonata: K.478, D Major 3:40
Sonata: K.479, D Major 3:43
Sonata: K.480, D Major 4:19
Sonata: K.481, F Minor 4:18
Sonata: K.482, F Major 3:41
Sonata: K.483, F Major 2:50
Sonata: K.484, D Major 3:00
Sonata: K.485, C Major 3:38
Sonata: K.486, C Major 3:24
Sonata: K.487, C Major 3:53
Sonata: K.488, B Flat Major 3:22
Sonata: K.489, B Flat Major 3:17
Sonata: K.490, D Major 6:13
Sonata: K.491, D Major 3:40
Sonata: K.492, D Major 3:32
Sonata: K.493, G Major 4:05
Sonata: K.494, G Major 3:45
Sonata: K.495, E Major 2:45
Sonata: K.496, E Major 3:47
Sonata: K.497, B Minor 3:27
Sonata: K.498, B Minor 3:53
Sonata: K.499, A Major 4:02
Sonata: K.500, A Major 3:49
Sonata: K.501, C Major 4:59
Sonata: K.502, C Major 4:16
Sonata: K.503, B Flat Major 2:30
Sonata: K.504, B Flat Major 2:34
Sonata: K.505, F Major 2:32
Sonata: K.506, F Major 2:50
Sonata: K.507, E Flat Major 4:01
Sonata: K.508, E Flat Major 4:31
Sonata: K.509, D Minor 3:17
Sonata: K.510, D Major 2:57
Sonata: K.511, D Major 2:42
Sonata: K.512, D Major 3:08
Sonata: K.513, C Major 4:51
Sonata: K.514, C Major 2:12
Sonata: K.515, C Major 3:03
Sonata: K.516, D Minor 3:36
Sonata: K.517, D Minor 3:20
Sonata: K.518, F Minor 3:53
Sonata: K.519, F Major 3:46
Sonata: K.520, G Major 2:53
Sonata: K.521, G Major 4:45
Sonata: K.522, G Major 2:56
Sonata: K.523, G Major 2:15
Sonata: K.524, F Major 3:13
Sonata: K.525, F Major 2:35
Sonata: K.526, C Minor 3:56
Sonata: K.527, C Minor 3:06
Sonata: K.528, B Flat Major 2:51
Sonata: K.529, B Flat Major 2:23
Sonata: K.530, E Major 3:27
Sonata: K.531, E Major 3:27
Sonata: K.532, A Minor 3:42
Sonata: K.533, A Major 3:11
Sonata: K.534, D Major 3:25
Sonata: K.535, D Major 3:26
Sonata: K.536, A Major 3:39
Sonata: K.537, A Major 3:22
Sonata: K.538, G Major 3:08
Sonata: K.539, G Major 3:44
Sonata: K.540, F Major 3:17
Sonata: K.541, F Major 3:50
Sonata: K.542, F Major 3:44
Sonata: K.543, F Major 3:43
Sonata: K.544, B Flat Major 3:09
Sonata: K.545, B Flat Major 3:01
Sonata: K.546, G Minor 3:50
Sonata: K.547, G Major 4:37
Sonata: K.548, C Major 4:02
Sonata: K.549, C Major 4:08
Sonata: K.550, B Flat Major 3:28
Sonata: K.551, B Flat Major 4:04
Sonata: K.552, D Minor 3:17
Sonata: K.553, D Minor 4:27
Sonata: K.554, F Major 3:12
Sonata: K.555, F Minor 3:25
Sonata: K.81a, E Minor 1:37
Sonata: K.81b, E Minor 3:20
Sonata: K.81c, E Minor 1:14
Sonata: K.81d, E Minor 1:29
Sonata: K.88a, G Minor 2:01
Sonata: K.88b, G Minor 2:11
Sonata: K.88c, G Minor 1:29
Sonata: K.88d, G Minor 0:54
Sonata: K.89a, D Minor 3:35
Sonata: K.89b, D Minor 0:59
Sonata: K.89c, D Minor 1:57
Sonata: K.90a, D Minor 2:44
Sonata: K.90b, D Minor 4:23
Sonata: K.90c, D Minor 0:56
Sonata: K.90d, D Minor 0:52
Sonata: K.91a, G Major 1:20
Sonata: K.91b, G Major 3:12
Sonata: K.81c, G Major 0:57
Sonata: K.91d, G Major 1:48
Sonata: K.287, D Major 1:35
Sonata: K.288, D Major 2:10
Sonata: K.328, G Major 3:52


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